The ECC Collection is an accumulation of social and professional exchange between artists, curators and other professionals in the world of art. The ECC Collection brings together many established and new-coming artists from different time periods and styles. The collection includes paintings, sculptures, collages and photography from well-known and lesser-known artists, such as; Joseph Kosuth, Rene Rietmeyer, Hermann Nitsch, Jakob Gasteiger, Nobuyoshi Araki, Sarah Gold, Takashi Suzuki and many others. Many works of the ECC Collection are shown at De Rijk/Chabot Fine Art gallery in The Hague, The Netherlands.



We, cultural entrepreneurs, researchers, philanthropists and even a few bureaucrats, we as a collective group, we believe that there is a need for dynamic spaces, giving existence to centres dedicated to the culture of Europe. Centres, in different places of the world, devoted to cultural exchanges, meetings, exhibitions, creative projects, with Europeans and others. By all our activities, realizing that the beauty is in uniqueness, it is our aim to cherish our differences and strengthen our cultural commons.


The European Cultural Centre (ECC) is a place for reflection, research and creation, for interdisciplinary encounters, as well as for resources and experimentation. The ECC provides the conditions to invite artistic and creative practices, a process of learning and experiencing from all fields - visual art, dance, performance, theatre, music, literature, architecture, etc. It is a place for investigating the most vital contemporary issues in order to design a shared future. Being a place in perpetual motion, besides exhibiting finalised projects, the ECC goes further and presents projects that strongly interact between the various creative practices, the city, participants and visitors from all over the world.



The publications are an extension of the projects and research that have been developed and/or presented at the ECC. Various editorial forms and the website reflect different practices and activities carried out by the ECC, thus building up and making visible a platform for theoretical and artistic perspectives on culture.



The ECC is in the continued process of establishing Satellites in several different cities in the world. Cities where it is possible to set up a creative work centre. A network for cultural activities, the creation of exhibitions, publications, videos and many other projects. The ECC has now established regional offices in Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Japan and the USA. The European Cultural Centre Global office is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 



The ECC is operated by the European Cultural Centre Foundation and works with the curatorial contributions of several European structures: EU networks, universities, foundations, curators, festivals, private initiatives and scientific as well as cultural institutions. To strengthen its European dimension, the ECC establishes contacts with a network of partners. This network of partners can also play the role of correspondent in a regional or national area.